The Twilight Zone Grill

Twilight Zone Grill

 Benny Hill wafts into the kitchen

 from the dining room area television

 applause and laughter drift in and out

 as I grill a customer’s steak burger, medium rare

 who is driving his life away

 another truck driver passing through with his load

 from the highways and byways of the open road.

 A regular is coughing up half a lung

 perched at the counter critter bar, over steaming coffee

 slurping the brown brew with fish lips

 he finds this time of day as difficult

 as the rest of us do

 settling into the redundancy morosely making

 illogical clips of conversation bordering on lunacy

 he showed up to find another way at the counter

 to beat off the razor like sharpness

 of another harsh lonely afternoon in the sun’s

mid-day promenade that pierces itself into

each of our mundane days of existence.

 white dishes collide in the kitchen

 squeaking dead-on with lonesome blues

 pre-season football sanctifies me

 with ephemeral deliverance

 ego driven sports personalities deliberate

 who will win, who will lose

 the super bowl this year

 in the kitchen as I flip that burger over

 on the blackened grill of my dead dreams

 my eyes wander over the grease as it bubbles up juicy

 the doorbell chimes,

 swinging in with another customer’s

 entry into the twilight zone

 locked in where I-250 and I-21 intersect

 by the time they reach this “T” in the road

 it feels like they’ve driven for an eternity

 consequently the epitaph of the Twilight Zone grill

 where I stand day after day

 flipping over burger after burger

 on the blackened grill of abandoned dreams

 where lonely souls convene silently screaming ouch

 because the lives we lead sting beyond words.—©ginger meeder, 2011®


My former small business, The Ginger Root as she looked at night.

—©ginger meeder, 2011®


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