Life’s Hard Luck Lesson Plan


—©2013, a world within images, Rodney F.White II, ®

Life’s Hard Luck Lesson Plan…

People walk by me every day

some sneer and complain

“He brought this all on himself”

in their politically self-righteous,

judgmental tone

while others politely smirk

“Thank God, that’s him, not me.”

continuing on their way to work

sipping their latte’s,

fancy mochas

and freshly brewed coffees

puffing on cigarettes

exchanging small talk

unaffected by the fact

that I once taught

took pride in that fact

I knew all my students

by their first names

now I only see their faces

in the people who in turn

look down upon me

with pained expressions

never knowing what quite to say

to the old man surrounded by bags

on the park bench today

but I’ll continue to remind them

surrounded by the only evidence

i exist, therefore I am

just like you,

this wasn’t my life lesson plan

i too had dreams, loved hard,

often and well

played frequent, took risks

but fell harder then ever

and it hurt like hell.

Now I’ve fallen off the radar,

choosing to snuff out

all the bright lights

but I shall remain vigilant

to the bitter end teaching you

another cold, hard fact of life.

—© g.a.meeder, 2013®


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