Stone Cold Train Wreck

Stone Cold Train Wreck

In what seemed like a
lightning bolt that flashed quicker
then the speed of light
with the startling discovery
of what you made
a deliberate choice to do
which pierced her to the core
yet you seem amazed
even arrogantly shocked
foolishly assuming
she was made of stone
but even stone can crack
if the conditions are right
and from every concrete slab
of internal thought
you obviously never
even minutely considered this
so guess what?
those are just the
hard facts, stone cold
of love and broken hearts
for you have become
someone who derailed yourself
out of her train of thought
she is now chugging forward
all engines thrusting
full steam ahead
in search of another
passenger of passionate
interest to sit by her
on the rebound train ride
who isn’t anything
remotely close
to the likes of you
ever, ever again.
—©g.a.meeder, 2013®


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