With One Strong Beak

With One Strong Beak

You talk, talk, talk,
that is all I see you do
but I stand back and
watch, watch, watch, you
like a devious undercover spy
wishing I was that little
proverbial birdie upon your shoulder
from the corner of my eye
not so that I could listen into
all that you are saying as you continue
your persistent erroneous stumblings
into gossip land, slanderings
and of course all those malicious lies
but, so that with my one strong beak
I’d peck your lips together sealing them
so that you would never again
make another person weak.
—©g.a.meeder, 2014®


Lost At Sea

Lost At Sea

It is rare that I

ever sit still for any length

of unproductive time,

so that when I do

I am a ship without a sail

in the middle of the ocean

in the darkest of night

without any direction

or guiding light…

©g.a.meeder, 2014®