The Old One, Two, Sucker Punch

The old one two sucker punch


old age and myself

have found ourselves

at a bend in the road

that will eventually

find dusk falling

upon both of us

and we will fade away

into darkness or light

just like the best of us…

only I will no longer fight back

just take my licks

like any prize fighter

who has thrown their last punch

before the announcer calls out…

3, 2, 1…she’s down for the count

old age, the champion…

fight’s over, she’s toast,

she is finally done and out!

but in the wee hours of the morning

the sun will still shine

rising up her groggy head

and still come out…

—©g.a.meeder, 2014®


4 thoughts on “The Old One, Two, Sucker Punch

    1. Yes, indeedy it tis…But we still need to share so that others can connect and know that they are not the only ones who feel this way out here on this gigantic planet. Thank-you for stopping, reading and commenting Bruce. Peace.


  1. It seems lately I go to sleep wondering IF I will wake up in the morning–a new phenomena for me! We have been given a gift–to live. How many of us do not live this long? So much we have seen, so much shared. Blessings on each of your days, and may you have more JOY than you can contain! Thank you for your visits to my blog!

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