Mighty Reckoning

Mighty Reckoning

  You are a force to

  be reckoned with that’s what they

  say about the likes

  of someone like me when my

  tongue is set loose words fly free.

—©g.a.meeder, 2015®

Now that the day has arrived, they cry socialism.—Elizabeth A. Sherman

Political Paradox


Political Paradox

so, you don’t want her

to run, so you poke fun at

her just because you

can, using the same old lame

excuse as did her old man.

 —©g.a.meeder, 2015®

Shit Blazes Out of Luck…

Shit  Blazes Outta Luck

We listen to older

country music while we

rack  up the miles in

the ole pick-up truck

in hot pursuit of jobs

Only to be told

you are too old

To compete with any

of these younger ducks

We pile back into

that ole pick-up truck

Kicking up stones

and spitting dust

pulling up our egos

finding that we have found

Shared silence spliced

with common ground

And ourselves still so

shit blazes out of luck.


“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” –Eleanor Roosevelt




Springtime Show-offs… —©g.a.meeder, 2015®


Lavender beauties

appear  in a rush

then fade away

as swiftly after

strutting their stuff

like a flash of lightning

does in a brilliant


leaving me to fancy that

they too are just another

one of those

fast & furious

spring time show offs.

—©g.a.meeder, 2015®

I Like Your Silence, It the more shows off your wonder.—William Shakespeare

Knit Up Your Britches

Knit Up Your Britches

I think to myself

With knitted brows

As my needles

Click and clack

And the earth

she spins round

incredibly fast

Can my life possibly

Get any worse than this?

I put my knitting down

And tell myself

Knit up your britches

Frayed woman

Enough of this

One way or another

You will, strand by strand

Purl your way through

And distance this.

©g.a.meeder, 2015®

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