Reckless Redemption

Reckless Redemption

I went back with the
weight of non-belief
upon my shoulders
hoping you could
bring me back
for a brief respite
so that maybe
I could
figure this mess out
somehow make it
all, alright.
until those reckless words
fell from your mouth
and I felt my soul crack
under the disbelief that
you would ever say such a thing
but you did, I heard them, we all did
and now you cannot take them back
your words have become
devisive, schismatic
and I refuse to play your fool
I will no longer be in attendance
to your wayward thought
of only the faithful school
so I, in turn on my heels
close the door behind me
giving flight to my feet
beating a path finding
my way the hell out
and never coming back.
—©g.a.meeder, 2015®


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