Big Britches

Big Britches

so you say you want

to play in the big leagues

of the world today

a word of advice

you had better

wear your best armor

because battle scars

from home field advantage

have become commonplace

and not everybody is left standing

in one piece and walks away…


Nightfall Vis-à-vis

  Nightfall Vis-à-vis

They tower over us

standing tall reflectively

shimmering lucid in their

crème de la crème

emerald leafed sequins

waving when dog day breezes

rustle their feathery plumage

silently watching us

as we come and go

keeping everything they see and hear

an unspeakable secret

for only them in the darkness of night

to whisper sharing amongst

the stars that sparkle

the creatures that roam

themselves and anybody else

who wants to be in the know.

     —©g.a.meeder, 2015®

Heavenly Shimmer
Find your pathway to the universe. —©g.a.meeder, 2015,®


My Unlucky Charms

My Unlucky Charms

the sting of failure

not once but twice has become

a stigma that is

difficult to overcome

second time round is no charm

dangling from my imaginary

pandora bracelet.


Frenemies For Life

Frenemies For Life

As far back as I can remember

we have had to chicken scratch

hissing, throwing a few punches

biting, pinching, scrimping and saving

our way to fight the good fight

trying to overcome poverty’s

blight thrust upon us

but try as we may

try as we might

it eludes us no matter how hard

the punch is thrown in this fight

the repeat lessons we have learned

surely this road we have outgrown

but so far, no such luck

for it has strangely become

now the best of friends

we have ever known.

this poverty level of life

we just cannot rise above

an enemy claiming friendship

owning us for the efforts

we have sown…

—©g.a.meeder, 2015®



/ˈfrenəmi/ noun, informal

plural noun: frenemies

a person with whom one is friendly

despite a fundamental dislike or rivalry