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I am who I am. You get what you see and read. I am an author, poet, photographer, former small business owner squeezed out by the economy & probably politischticks too. But I am embarking on again into untraveled & uncharted territory, into a new adventure in life. Writing & Photography define me. Free-thinker, open minded, fluttering butterfly who knows life, people good and bad, and hunny I can spot an asshole a mile away. Gypsy feet who still dreams of the Redwoods, getting her feet wet by the Pacific Ocean and a bit of sand between her toes, the salty breeze of the ocean in her auburn highlighted brunette naturally curly hair and hopefully a chance to view many more lovely sunrises and sunsets before that fade into black or who knows? Maybe a ride on a comet’s tail or my own place to shine in the pitch black star studded night sky…



3 thoughts on “About & Contact Page

  1. Hello! I followed your link from “Your Success Inspirer.” I think a cup of coffee would be grand (responding to your comment on YSI)
    You have an interesting blog. I’ll have to go look around for a while.
    Have a great day.

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