Please, do not speak in

that tone of voice

which would imply

that YOU sincerely believe

that you are better then I.

for I am a skilled in life ninja

who will take you down

for that reason alone

no lie.

—®g.a.meeder, 2015©

Mighty Reckoning

Mighty Reckoning

  You are a force to

  be reckoned with that’s what they

  say about the likes

  of someone like me when my

  tongue is set loose words fly free.

—©g.a.meeder, 2015®

Now that the day has arrived, they cry socialism.—Elizabeth A. Sherman

Political Paradox


Political Paradox

so, you don’t want her

to run, so you poke fun at

her just because you

can, using the same old lame

excuse as did her old man.

 —©g.a.meeder, 2015®