Simplicity(My Bouquet of Wisdom)

My Bouquet of Wisdom,–©g.a.meeder, 2018®

(My Bouquet of wisdom)

tiny seeds of life
that have taken root
give me a
simple pleasure
that only goes
to show
how easy to please
i have become in my life
with the smallest bouquet
of wildflowers
hand picked
for good measure.

–©g.a.meeder, 2018®


“Simplicity is not style, it is a state of harmony.”

Naoto Fukasawa








Endless Sky

Endless Sky

she ignited the horizon

ablaze in golden streaks

of promise that spoke

boldly of day’s end

as night snuck in upon us

covering the western skies

in blankets of twinkling stars

prodding us in wise,

ancient native voices.

what took you so long

to discover this spot

where you are?

our eyes shush their voices

as they wander wall to wall

beacons of lights across the

land of endless sky

—©g.a.meeder, 2016®

Letter that I treasure…

“Letter that i treasure…”—©g.a.meeder, 2013®



The above photograph is a letter that I received years ago(1983, to be exact) when I enjoyed the hobby of pen-pals, letter-writing, which today is now unheard of. It was this letter from a young boy, fifteen-years old who was terminally ill, suffering from an inoperable brain tumor…I have kept it all these years and I re-read it every now and again just to keep my head on straight because he didn’t get the chance to live like I did and I remember his kindness to take the time to write out a letter to a young woman who learned to love across the lines of a letter from a dying fifteen-year old soul.