Where Is Our Leader?

Where Is Our Leader?

Sitting in a bunker
upon his golden shitter
furiously typing out
nasties on twitter
inside the whitest house ever
built on the backs
of those he looks
upon as squatters
scared like the bigliest
white granddragon rat
of an ever growing
white supremacy litter.

—©g.a.meeder, 2020®


















i remain offside
quietly listening to
others as they 
dig up dirt
verbally assaulting
one another for how
they approach issues
attacking them for
opinions that differ
maintaining my distance
by keeping my upper lip stiffer
so that I maintain
some sort of strength
to pick up the remains
when they are done playing
their judgmental games
so we don’t all end up
in the same log splitter.

—©g.a.meeder, 2017®




The other day on CNN they were still corn shuckin Trumpy’s words apart from his speech trying to pander to the African American voters. Hunnies Trumpy ain’t gonna do this right by anybody unless there is something in it for him. Because he knew how low the support percentage goes for him with your support. So why would he offer up some solutions or talk to people in their own neighborhoods that he drives through and by in his limos?!? And if he did offer up something than he would lose his mostly white, effinA, “N” bomb dropping supporters. He can’t afford to lose his base because his supporters will whine about DT implementing another type of affirmative action because he would be putting your needs ahead of theirs.And they got themselves a jealous bone, dontcha know? Now, see Trumpy works from that scratch my back I’ll scratch yours mentality and since many aren’t supporting him he can at least say, I tried but they wouldn’t listen…and since if you are anything like me once I get into that voting booth, and I had to screen touch that name on the ballot, say for instance by accident, they’d be calling out the National Guard on me, because that voting booth would be turned inside out, tore up, slam dunked to the ground, expletives would be invented, chairs would be a flying cross the room before they’d get that accidently cast vote for him, they would have to get ta me first and I can scale ceilings like gut-damned spiderman….That alleged apology from Donald Trumpy was like someone who doesn’t send thank you notes fer all the shot-gun weddin presents they got & one day they run into you on the street & stumble through chit chat with you and begin the phony, thanks for the weddin gift of assorted gravy bowls and you say yer welcome cause you didn’t give them one, you only came fer the weddin cake, fer the love of no white man, greedy bastards stole my land sakes. His regrettins are upsettin because, sorry seems to be the hardest word. So how does that curdle the milk in yer cheerios today?—©g.a.meeder,2016®







Oink! Oink!

Oink! Oink!

arrogance under

spotlights that shine on faces

whereby make-up can’t

cover up blunders of men

squealing like pigs under oath

—©g.a.meeder, 2016®

Frenemies For Life

Frenemies For Life

As far back as I can remember

we have had to chicken scratch

hissing, throwing a few punches

biting, pinching, scrimping and saving

our way to fight the good fight

trying to overcome poverty’s

blight thrust upon us

but try as we may

try as we might

it eludes us no matter how hard

the punch is thrown in this fight

the repeat lessons we have learned

surely this road we have outgrown

but so far, no such luck

for it has strangely become

now the best of friends

we have ever known.

this poverty level of life

we just cannot rise above

an enemy claiming friendship

owning us for the efforts

we have sown…

—©g.a.meeder, 2015®



/ˈfrenəmi/ noun, informal

plural noun: frenemies

a person with whom one is friendly

despite a fundamental dislike or rivalry




Political Hack

Political Hack

It’s as if you’ve been



this unwritten law

before time even

churning those wheels

inside your ego driven head

collectively picking and choosing

which words are better sound bites

to speak well of only yourself

neglecting the forgotten

the newly dead

sinning by omission

you should be ashamed

but all you do is

cultivate and grow

a bigger head.

—©g.a.meeder, 2015®


While I vacuumed the camper floors this time around I almost sucked up one of my live cats via her tail. All I can say is this, “Thank goodness we feed them bitches good.” Because *poof* she would have been gone up that shop-vac. Okay, okay people all these bitching scandals popping up out of the clear blue sky just into the early months of the Obama’s second gut-damned term. Why is that?!? Where were all their bitching little whiney beaks hiding out election time? Apparently so far stuck up the rich man’s ass they couldn’t see the light lit at the end of their tunnel vision of “let’s start a messa scandals to bring down that black guy” in the early months of his second term and then start screaming out in ecstasy & right winger unison, “Impeach the mother-fucker!” And WE ALL knew that Benghazi would be first on their list when things all settled down. Why wouldn’t the IRS go after a lot of these groups? (I am trying to think like an IRS agent here painfully too because I don’t trust them anymore than ya’ll do.) These groups build their entire propaganda/mantra bases on the theory that we shouldn’t pay our taxes to the bitches called, “Big Government” that piss, dick & screw with our/their constitutional rights and for some that is an act of rebellion to not pay their taxes. And yet the IRS targeted alleged “liberal” groups as well. Almost sorta sounds like a new form of political ammunition eh? It appears as if it was okay for the IRS under the bush brigade’s not under my watch mantra but I am above the law & gonna pull it anyway. People barely squawked but look at all them banty roosters jest a cock a doodle dooin everywhere today…And what is happening with the IRS, strikes a chord of how shall we say a connection to the ideology of, “See, didn’t we tell yas, the government is after ALL of us.” Just ask Newt Gingrich,(wonders if the IRS ever had him on their list?) he thinks all these scandals are paving the way for the next election, four freaking long years away. I still have a major headache from the last one, enough already! While listening to the NPR news today (which if I remember correctly came under fire for allegedly being slanted towards a liberal base of listeners got called on the carpet for that and they came under scrutiny themselves for their funds but FOX news is ALLOWED to maintain their lies without provocation or the government probing up inside their goody two shoes asses, but that’s another story folks.) the word for today from the reporter on there was that congress is “pursuing” the current White House temporary resident because well you know how that story goes. (it’s the 2nd term curse. Oh bull-shit.) But why is anybody PURSUING anybody? Why aren’t they pursuing what’s best for US, WE the people? The Mother’s Day Parade shootings are barely getting any attention for a neighborhood of people who live day-to-day with gunshot holes in their refrigerators, walls, loved ones and their souls.) Because see, now it is all about who is going to be president next election and they are going to downgrade this one(both sides play this little vicious game and yet they wonder why we don’t like them very well, gee, duh.) to make our candidate look a tad bit more enticing. This is why I subscribe to the idea that they should get elected for an 8 year term and be done with it. We’ve got 2 down from the IRS scandal with more heads to roll. Another mess the bush brigade left behind to contend with that they should of handled like the leaders that they weren’t when they played war games, way back when they targeted liberal groups under his watch. And all this is going to succeed in doing is bring enrollment up for the Tea Party. Guess I had better get my cats their cute little revolutionary caps and sign their paw-prints to our new memberships & well tuck a feather in your caps on that thought, because the Associated Press will be something else to deal with after I finally figure out that mess. But if there is a leak somewhere, I usually start working on the plumbing in my own home first, not search, seize and start feeling around & up the neighborhood and outside the home. (Imagine, how weird that would be if I were to come knocking on your door asking to fix your plumbing because of a leak at my place. You’d have me arrested or blow me outta my holy socks and shoes w/that illegally obtained AK-47 you just happen to have at the top of your stock-piled heap of guns and just gotta have ammo) When I get done with em, somebody will squeal and I will put some plumbers jelly sock in it. Even if it is a smelly one, they’ll just haveta deal with it smelly sock & all. —©g.a.meeder, 2013,®

IRS Targeted Liberals Under Bush

Barack Trek Into Darkness, —©Jon Stewart, The Daily Show, 2013,®



The guy who allegedly tried to poison the President and a couple senators with/ ricin declares in a news article he “loves his country”. Isn’t that grand? That’s they way ya show it eh?  People are shooting one another in public settings, not so public settings, blowing each other up, taking it out on others because some people don’t like the government. They think everything is a conspiracy theory like Glenn Beck, & that other loony tuneroonie, Alex Jones. (And you’ll hear that from these two and Rush included, how much they love their country, there are others out there but these three are in contention for the biggest mouths) But some are loving their country by way of weapons, anger & propagandabiggiesized hatred. This is appalling & the bottom line of love of country includes LOVE of your countrymen & women & children & babies, if I am not mistaken. They are the innocent ones that go day-to-day performing ordinary & extraordinary moments on the lovely planet earth and are taking the beating because some of you wake-up & have a bad fucking day because something didn’t go your way like a very, very spoiled child that some would call a bad seed. People who editorialize(See, this is the defining moment for me, a person who writes, we really went down the wrong path once we declared these venomous spewing  alleged professionals “entertainment” & refused to acknowledge that they were editorializing their opinions and plastered their programs with a bazillion disclaimers) the venomous hatred on their radio & television shows & this includes all those religious freaks on the television and from their pulpits, (Do not come after me for saying that either, because I have sat in some of those churches & heard it fall from preacher’s lips) plenty do it in the name of religion, need to step back & quit worshipping that almighty dollar(thou shalt not have any false gods before me, easy to forget that one eh?) & ratings & remember AGAIN some of their basic teachings within their own religions. Love is one of those things that should not judge but yet some are teaching their children to do just that. I don’t go out & kill people because I have anger issues or my life isn’t going the way I’d like it too. I get frustrated, believe me I do. I am currently living under an even more precarious lifestyle than I was with a struggling business. But where is the love people, really where is it? You don’t need religion to teach you love, people have it within themselves, or is that perhaps one of the reasons some of us lose that love? I learned in church that we only love people from one side of the political fence from the last church I attended. Oh really… I thought and now that’s why I won’t ever return to church. Love is not one-sided, blind nor is it unkind, or selective. I know, that is the difficult part about love, that abstract emotion that we feel towards one another or obviously from all accounts in the news some of us don’t. But how come hate is so much easier to roll with instead of love? I still can’t figure that out. I get angry, but something pulls me back(love) & says, “Gut-damn ya ginger, they are all too human, try not to judge them or it will come back on you(that part is selfish, I know) & I begin to feel empathy towards people for their own misguided behaviors & struggles because that is a morally guided, love centered process that is within ALL of us. Heya lookee here folks, I am not the only one that figured this one out am I? Why some of us are extinguishing those love based moral compasses is beyond me, other then they want to be led around by the nose & taught what to think or have someone tell them how to think. And why it is so much easier to roll with hate is because love means you might have to work at something that helps you mature, see the light burning brightly & shining inside of someone else and yourself or it even helps you to dig it out of someone who is on a dimmer setting because life has handed them setbacks. And I am not a believer anymore, but if you claim a so called God and a religion, there is no way in hell you were told to go out and kill innocent people. Because usually religious doctrines guarantee that’s your one way trip ticket to, of all places hell. And all you did was create hell on earth for people who didn’t deserve your wrath. Where is the love? Time to start digging for it, searching for it, you’ll find it, usually in the most unexplainable instances, people & places, but it’s there, ready to be discovered almost anywhere & everywhere. It isn’t as difficult as digging a hole to China either…—©g.a.meeder, 2013®