The other day on CNN they were still corn shuckin Trumpy’s words apart from his speech trying to pander to the African American voters. Hunnies Trumpy ain’t gonna do this right by anybody unless there is something in it for him. Because he knew how low the support percentage goes for him with your support. So why would he offer up some solutions or talk to people in their own neighborhoods that he drives through and by in his limos?!? And if he did offer up something than he would lose his mostly white, effinA, “N” bomb dropping supporters. He can’t afford to lose his base because his supporters will whine about DT implementing another type of affirmative action because he would be putting your needs ahead of theirs.And they got themselves a jealous bone, dontcha know? Now, see Trumpy works from that scratch my back I’ll scratch yours mentality and since many aren’t supporting him he can at least say, I tried but they wouldn’t listen…and since if you are anything like me once I get into that voting booth, and I had to screen touch that name on the ballot, say for instance by accident, they’d be calling out the National Guard on me, because that voting booth would be turned inside out, tore up, slam dunked to the ground, expletives would be invented, chairs would be a flying cross the room before they’d get that accidently cast vote for him, they would have to get ta me first and I can scale ceilings like gut-damned spiderman….That alleged apology from Donald Trumpy was like someone who doesn’t send thank you notes fer all the shot-gun weddin presents they got & one day they run into you on the street & stumble through chit chat with you and begin the phony, thanks for the weddin gift of assorted gravy bowls and you say yer welcome cause you didn’t give them one, you only came fer the weddin cake, fer the love of no white man, greedy bastards stole my land sakes. His regrettins are upsettin because, sorry seems to be the hardest word. So how does that curdle the milk in yer cheerios today?—©g.a.meeder,2016®







Guilt By Association

Guilt By Association

i carry your truths

with me even though you choose

to turn a blind eye

before you’d admit to them

making me an accomplice…

—©g.a.meeder, 2016®

Frenemies For Life

Frenemies For Life

As far back as I can remember

we have had to chicken scratch

hissing, throwing a few punches

biting, pinching, scrimping and saving

our way to fight the good fight

trying to overcome poverty’s

blight thrust upon us

but try as we may

try as we might

it eludes us no matter how hard

the punch is thrown in this fight

the repeat lessons we have learned

surely this road we have outgrown

but so far, no such luck

for it has strangely become

now the best of friends

we have ever known.

this poverty level of life

we just cannot rise above

an enemy claiming friendship

owning us for the efforts

we have sown…

—©g.a.meeder, 2015®



/ˈfrenəmi/ noun, informal

plural noun: frenemies

a person with whom one is friendly

despite a fundamental dislike or rivalry




Political Hack

Political Hack

It’s as if you’ve been



this unwritten law

before time even

churning those wheels

inside your ego driven head

collectively picking and choosing

which words are better sound bites

to speak well of only yourself

neglecting the forgotten

the newly dead

sinning by omission

you should be ashamed

but all you do is

cultivate and grow

a bigger head.

—©g.a.meeder, 2015®

Letter that I treasure…

“Letter that i treasure…”—©g.a.meeder, 2013®



The above photograph is a letter that I received years ago(1983, to be exact) when I enjoyed the hobby of pen-pals, letter-writing, which today is now unheard of. It was this letter from a young boy, fifteen-years old who was terminally ill, suffering from an inoperable brain tumor…I have kept it all these years and I re-read it every now and again just to keep my head on straight because he didn’t get the chance to live like I did and I remember his kindness to take the time to write out a letter to a young woman who learned to love across the lines of a letter from a dying fifteen-year old soul.

Pandora’s Box Blues Chaser

Pandora’s Box Blues Chaser

Old buckets of engine grease,

mouse droppings, shredded books

are swept up and tossed away

along with seven years rough roads

and some of the most turbulent seas

of small business woes

boxed, packed away amongst

dishes, books, coffee cups

with sincere hopes of

pandora’s box of shitty luck

be gone! no more!

next time you come knockin

peekin round our doors

there will be a deaf ear turned

almost guaranteed to your

all too familiar rappin and tappin

of bad luck blues

upon our door.


Life’s Hard Luck Lesson Plan


—©2013, a world within images, Rodney F.White II, ®

Life’s Hard Luck Lesson Plan…

People walk by me every day

some sneer and complain

“He brought this all on himself”

in their politically self-righteous,

judgmental tone

while others politely smirk

“Thank God, that’s him, not me.”

continuing on their way to work

sipping their latte’s,

fancy mochas

and freshly brewed coffees

puffing on cigarettes

exchanging small talk

unaffected by the fact

that I once taught

took pride in that fact

I knew all my students

by their first names

now I only see their faces

in the people who in turn

look down upon me

with pained expressions

never knowing what quite to say

to the old man surrounded by bags

on the park bench today

but I’ll continue to remind them

surrounded by the only evidence

i exist, therefore I am

just like you,

this wasn’t my life lesson plan

i too had dreams, loved hard,

often and well

played frequent, took risks

but fell harder then ever

and it hurt like hell.

Now I’ve fallen off the radar,

choosing to snuff out

all the bright lights

but I shall remain vigilant

to the bitter end teaching you

another cold, hard fact of life.

—© g.a.meeder, 2013®