Be The Music…

“Be the music you want to hear,

dance, eat, cry, laugh, ease sorrow with,

make love too.

Make it pretty, kind, soft, loud,poetic, tender,

sing-out for those that can’t as well,

however you want the world to hear you!

But always make it colorful,

because YOU are unforgetttable…

—©g.a.meeder, 2016®





Say My Piece

Say My Piece

i ain’t gonna stop
saying my piece so
you can just
find another way
to disagree with me
because I got
my rights too
you ain’t pullin
your sheeps woolery
over me with
your tom foolery
you blind sided fool

—©g.a.meeder, 2016,®

Written in response to this comment posted to me on Twitter:

“@fireflywriter Yeah Dangerous to fucking little cunts like you Crawl back under your rock commie cunt. We will find you anyway Numbered days”

My Response back:

“Wow, I am shaking in me boots, that is if I owned a pair so,

NO, I ain’t scared of you sumbitches

yer grandmaw needs ta git a hold on you

and whoop yer britches…”

—©g.a.meeder, 2016,®


Inexcusable Cliche`…

Inexcusable Cliché`…

how does that come to fruition

that someone of your position

would throw that in my face?

lecturing me that,

“Life isn’t fair.”

coming at me with that

judgment call as if

you have walked for long

amongst the human race

in life feeling the losses I have

cause baby I could tell

you certainly wasn’t

someone who had the first clue

of the words you tried to sell

to say something like this to me,

who knows that cliché`

all too well…

—©g.a.meeder, 2016®