crushed to say the least
since you searched
hunted up for me 
as if you would die
without seeing
me once again
eye to eye
only to hurry up
and say hello
just to say goodbye
who does that?
other than an ego
that derives pleasure
to watch me
slowly turn away
and once more
die inside…

—©g.a.meeder, 2017®






Guilty As Charged


Guilty As Charged

I had to stop the noise
for it had become my failures
from which there had been
no pause for escape
so that I could settle
my scores of ill fate
hidden within human frailties
when I realized who are
we really competing up
or against?
all these imaginary battles
in this hard fought
but easily lost race
other than ourselves
and in that moment
I didn’t even recognize
until I wiped the
condensation off
the bathroom mirror
that it was the woman
in the mirror staring
back at me
with that harsh
judgmental look
upon her face…
—©g.a.meeder, 2017®



Stolen Thunder

Stolen Thunder

a cynical cold heart
i have become
against all my best
of intentions
my failures
have caught up
drowning out my
spirit of youth
you at one time
could recognise
inside that glimmer
in my eyes
you’d complimented
how it had escaped me
now i must lower
my eyes for i
do want you to
discover how it
has finally gotten
a hold of me
so that it will
not steal your
spirit as well,
become your disease.

—©g.a.meeder, 2017®

Seal The Deal

Seal The Deal

when life approaches

it’s final curve, one takes stock

of their past mistakes

hoping it will bide them time

finding favor, bargaining their fate

for repositioning their place

before the pearly gates

one last chance

to seal the deal

just in case…

—©g.a.meeder, 2016®


Lake Erie, Pennsylvania, Sunset, Beach 6, (where the infamous UFO sighting from 1966 was) —*g.a.meeder, 2016, Copyrighted*


if ever there were

a time on the pages 

of life where we could 

re-write, edit, change

it would be in these

times of the present

where we would most 

assuredly have

kinder ends…

—*g.a.meeder, 2016, Copyrighted*

Inexcusable Cliche`…

Inexcusable Cliché`…

how does that come to fruition

that someone of your position

would throw that in my face?

lecturing me that,

“Life isn’t fair.”

coming at me with that

judgment call as if

you have walked for long

amongst the human race

in life feeling the losses I have

cause baby I could tell

you certainly wasn’t

someone who had the first clue

of the words you tried to sell

to say something like this to me,

who knows that cliché`

all too well…

—©g.a.meeder, 2016®

Bridge Out!

Bridge Out!

double dutch teal bridge

steel beams of rust stood tall

through the tests of time

skirting the roads of change,

she falls down a tumbling victim

of the age old cliché`

out with the old, in with the new

but you discover that you resent

this pretense protesting to the

intentional deafened ear of youth

because you realize

in time that will be you.

—©g.a.meeder, 2016®